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How to get the most out of your training seems to be answered simply by putting the most into your training.

I often hear myself saying in the children's class that you can always tell how well you are doing in Aikido by how much your partners enjoy practicing with you.

Maybe this can be accomplished by training diligently expressed through a sense of joy and wonder, passionately tempered by a heart of compassion and energetically full of respect for yourself and everyone you touch.

The Katz family coat of arms

Sensei Martin Katz, 6th Dan

Chief Instructor, Ryushinkan Dojo

National and International Teaching Committee Member

Martin Katz Sensei began his Aikido training in 1974 at the San Diego Sheriffs's Aikikai under John Damian Sensei. He joined the Aikido Association of American with Shihan Fumio Toyoda in 1990.

Katz Sensei has taught children and adults since 1978, employing eternal enthusiasm combined with a theatrically innovative style. His philosophy is born out of his love of the art and his reverence of all the teachers and students that have shared the path.

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